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David Winfree’s 5 Videos For Online Viewing ~ Packed With Valuable New Knowledge ~ (Purchase Button Is At Page Bottom)

Four new videos (listed further down the page) of the  OUR SPIRITUAL/ENERGETIC ANATOMY WORKSHOP are offered along with a fifth video, TWO UNIVERSES.  They provide an comprehensive, systematic, and life-changing compilation of practical knowledge about: Source/Spirit, our Souls, and the major chakra’s that influence our incarnate Personalities.  

These videos were developed out of ten years and hundreds of hours of  sessions exploring subtle energy with the clairvoyant intuitive Cristo L. Bowers, along with other intuitive sources, and my own claircognizance, personal studies, and life experiences.  I have rigorously tested, explored, and successfully used this knowledge in my own life.  I greatly appreciate Cristo’s significant contributions.

We have so much accumulated knowledge to share that we will probably never get around to publishing all of it and more knowledge is continually being added.  Therefore, sometimes one of us will speak of and share knowledge that the other has not yet mentioned.  There is significant value in the different ways we communicate this information to you, including different points of emphasis and graphic illustrations.

These five videos provide a wealth of systematically presented new information, new graphic illustrations, and uniquely helpful perspectives, not currently provided in any other available forums, books, or videos.  Cristo also has an online library with information not available anywhere else.


Spiritual/Energetic Foundations – A detailed view of the emergence of our Souls and how they extend from Source and evolve over time.

Comprehending the 14 Major Chakras of the Personality – Comprehensive overview and valuable new insights into the purpose of all of the major chakras of the Personality, front and rear, and from the Crown down to the Root.

Common Types of Chakra Disruptions – This video will greatly deepen and broaden your understanding of chakra disruptions and the ways these can shape and skew our perceptions.

The Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra and How Chakras Impact Our Relationships – Insights into the role and evolution of the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, how their function is assisted or impacted by other chakras and how our chakras and other people’s chakras interact and attract in our relationships.

Two Different Universes – Produced in the midst of ongoing social dissonance between conservative and liberal mindsets, this video provides a deep understanding of how our energetic foundations impact our sociopolitical beliefs.

Your purchase provides you with 30 days of online viewing access to all 5 videos. There is enough time for you to watch each video 2 to 3 times during the 30 days.  After you make your online purchase an online viewing access link will be emailed to you within 48 hours (usually the same day).  You will have 30 days from the time you receive the link to view the videos.   Clicking below will link you to PayPal for secure card processing.  Scroll to the bottom of that screen to pay by credit or debit card, if you do not immediately see how to proceed.  Your monthly billing statement will show the payment being made to Dynamic Sales Solutions.

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