NEW BOOK – I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, The Evolution of the Human Energy Field and Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny.  This book takes a giant step forward, revealing major new aspects of the human energy field and explaining what they mean with regard to humanity’s spiritual and energetic growth evolution.  This book was written in collaboration with Cristo L. Bowers, whose many clairvoyant insights provide humanity with a wealth of new insight into the form, structure, and function of the human energy field.  This is the first time that his extensive insights and teachings have been put into print.  My goal in authoring the book was (1) to bring this information to humanity, (2) point out how it fills in major gaps in current spiritual and metaphysical knowledge, (3) show how human evolution takes place via the interplay of energy, consciousness, and form, and (4) show how one may use the information in the book to enhance one’s spiritual healing and transformation and raise one’s consciousness.  For detailed information about the book and to order click on the below image. 

Full Cover

TWO GREAT END OF AUGUST PROGRAMS AT LILY DALE, NY –  Highest Divine Expression and Defining Your Role In The New Era - I invite you to join Cristo Bowers and I at Lakeside Assembly Hall, at the Lily Dale Assembly, in Lily Dale, New York on Friday, Aug., 29th.   I am presenting a program in the morning titled Highest Divine Expression.  Cristo is presenting Discovering Your Role in Defining the New Era in the afternoon, a fascinating and illuminating program, for those who experience it.

I am especially excited about the program that I am presenting, because it provides valuable and not commonly available information, about how one may connect with the higher centers of consciousness and more fully understand and express one’s Divine Archetypal Patterns.  I will speak of the information, guidance, and clairvoyant insights that Cristo provided that helped me make those connections and understand and express my Divine Archetypal Patterns.  Weather permitting, Cristo and I look forward to meeting and conversing with those of you who attend during the dinner hour, in the picnic area on the lawn.  Lily Dale is a fascinating place with many things to do and explore.  We look forward to a wonderful time together.  Hope to see you there!

A limited first run set of my new book will be available for purchase at the workshop. For information about my program, or to register, go to:

For information about Cristo’s program or to register go to:

Last day for online registration is August 22nd.  One may still register in person after August 22nd.

FALL EVENTS – Beginning in September, I plan to resume the once a month Angelic Healing Sessions, about which many of you have inquired.  I will be offering new fall classes in person and by webcast.  These classes will expand on topics presented in the book.  I am also planning a series of open houses and book-signings in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.  Details will be available in my SEPTEMBER NEWSLETTER.

Information About Two Of Cristo’s September Events.  Cristo is presenting 4 weeks of his Advanced Energy Healing sessions in September, beginning Thursday, September 4th, 8:00 PM EST.!advancedenergyhealing/ccy7

Cristo is also presenting his two day LEARN TO READ THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELD, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – Saturday & Sunday, Sep 13 & 14, Many people have found these to be life-changing. Details at:!ltr/c1yie