David’s 4 New Videos For Online Viewing
~ Packed With Life Transforming Knowledge ~

The 4 new videos were recorded in a workshop I recently presented titled  OUR SPIRITUAL/ENERGETIC ANATOMY WORKSHOP.  They provide a comprehensive, systematic, and life-changing compilation of practical knowledge about Source/Spirit, our Souls, the major chakras, and our incarnate Personalities.  

These videos were developed out of ten years and hundreds of hours of  sessions exploring subtle energy with the clairvoyant intuitive Cristo L. Bowers, along with other intuitive sources, and my own claircognizance, personal studies, and life experiences.

I have rigorously tested, explored, and successfully used this knowledge in my own life.  I greatly appreciate Cristo’s significant contributions.  Please note: These 4 videos provide a wealth of systematically presented new information, new graphic illustrations, and uniquely helpful perspectives, not currently provided in any other available forums, books, or videos.  

Cristo has a growing online library, with much information not included in these videos.  I encourage you to explore its contents too. There is so much accumulated knowledge to share that we will probably never get around to publishing all of it and more knowledge is continually being added.  Therefore, sometimes one of us will speak of and share knowledge that the other has not yet mentioned.  Although there is a natural overlap in what we present, there is significant value in the different ways we communicate this information to you, including different points of emphasis and special graphic illustrations.  We will continue to explore and share with you as much as we are able.

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Video titles are as follows:

  • Our Spiritual/Energetic Foundations 
  • Comprehending the 14 Major Chakras of the Personality
  • Common Types of Chakra Disruptions 
  • The Heart and Solar Plexus Chakra and How Chakras Impact Our Relationships

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MORE NEWS!  (Details to be forthcoming soon)

  •  Zoom Group Spiritual Transformation Mentoring Sessions 
  •  Wednesday Night Zoom Sessions (Webinars on Topics of Interest)
  •  Individualized Spiritual Mentoring Sessions by Zoom or Phone
  •  Outdoor Spiritual Inquiry Gatherings in local Parks in and around   Sarasota, Venice, and St. Pete, Florida.


The EBook version of The Evolution of the Human Energy Field and Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny, is now available on Amazon.  This book was written in collaboration with Cristo L. Bowers, whose many clairvoyant insights provide humanity with a wealth of new understanding about the form, structure, and function of the human energy field.

More new and valuable spiritual and metaphysical knowledge is revealed in this book than in any other such book in recent years!  Those who desire to know the spiritual/energetic underpinnings of human existence, from SOURCE to PHYSICALITY and from SPIRIT to INDIVIDUALIZED PERSONALITY will find answers to their questions.  This book breaks new ground and reveals deep spiritual truths.  It is a  major step forward in raising human consciousness!

Full Cover

For detailed information about the book and to order the EBOOK VERSION or the SOFT COVER VERSION click on the above image.