Features of the Human Energy Field – as read by Cristo Bowers

Cristo Bowers can read many parts of the human energy field.  He has actually pioneered an expanded understanding of the human energy field.  Below is a list of some of the key components of the human energy field that Cristo clairvoyantly perceives and reveals to those for whom he gives readings.

Path of highest / fullest / most abundant Divine Expression in this life.

Blockages to path of highest abundant Divine Expression in this life.

10th Chakra – One’s Unique Essence expressing in forms/themes across life times.

Identify Primary Archetypal Pattern

Expression or form of Divinity to which one will be most devoted in this life (Sacred or Devotional Heart Chakra).

Core Issue / Core Conflict to be resolved in this life.

Major thought form through or with which one incarnated.

Identification of the very different images (self concepts) that one holds of one’s self through the energy of one’s left eye and through the energy of one’s right eye.

Identify dominant color(s) of Earth Star Chakra. – How one walks/stands in the world.

Identify The Dominant Chakra

Identify chakras that are significantly blocked, closed or disrupted.

How open and active are the 8th, 9th, and 10th chakras above the head?

How open is the Central Channel?

What are the archetypal patterns in one’s 8th and 9th chakras?  There are about 30 in total and it takes about 3 hours to do them all. If time is limited, it is best to ask a few sharply defined questions to find out about some of them.  Potential questions are:

  • Are there any archetypal patterns in my 8th or 9th chakras that are turned off, negative, blocked, causing conflict in my life, or muted?
  • What archetypal patterns in my 8th or 9th chakras have the potential to be of greatest benefit or service to humanity?
  • What archetypal patterns in my 8th or 9th chakras would it be most uplifting and helpful for me to be aware of and connect with to help me fulfill my highest path of expression in this life?
  • What archetypal patterns in my 8th or 9th chakras would be most useful for helping me to fulfill my higher heart purpose?

What are the major negative or limiting beliefs blocking my fullest expression of Divinity that would be of highest value to know about now? There could be 30 – 100 of these and many of them tend to be variations on a common theme.  They fit together in complexes.  One of the key things when one has a reading is to decide if one wishes to focus on eliminating the negatives or accentuating the positives or some of both.

Any issues regarding expression of masculine or feminine energy?

Identify relevant colors in emotional body.

Chakra 6.5 Higher Forehead Chakra (Spiritual Life Goals and Objectives)

Identify one’s primary defensive approach or strategy.

Look at current relationships (career or personal) and provide insights regarding interactions.

This is useful if you want a second opinion on someone you are hiring or in the supervisor who may be hiring you and also great for better understanding friendship, partner and family relationships.

Look at how someone views you or you view them.

Indicate if you are currently with your highest Divine Partner in this life.

Look at the energetic patterns of organizations and groups of any size, including families, committees, businesses, churches or nations, including the ability to look at the whole, as if it were a composite of all of the parts. Cristo has offered insights to leaders and boards of directors of various organizations.

Cristo Bowers website is located at:  http://www.cristobowers.com

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