USING YOUR CHARGED CRYSTALS - The energy in each crystal will join with the energy in the other crystals in the set to form a powerful unified field.   This field will consistently transmit the vibrational quality of the crystals into your energy field.  Much of your energy field extends about three feet in all directions around you.  Therefore, it is good to keep the crystals within six inches to three feet of you for several hours each day.  A good way to receive the vibrations is to sleep with them close to you.  If there is too much energy to sleep well, simply push them further away from you until you can sleep well.  It is also fine to have the bag of crystals against your body if that is comfortable.  If you work at a desk you can keep them on the desk or on the floor near your feet.  Ideally, you will find a way to have them close to you for 6 to 8 hours out of every 24 hours.  If is okay if you have them with you more than that.

A PROPER CONTAINER - It is best to keep the crystals together in a simple cloth or plastic bag.   Cloth or plastic and most synthetic fabrics will not impede the crystals from transmitting their vibrations into your energy field.  This is because the crystals have been charged with energy from a much higher energetic plane than the physical plane.   If you have a large number of crystals you can put 5 or 10 in a smaller bag and carry them with you throughout the day.

PROTECTING YOUR CRYSTALS - Handle them gently.  Avoid rattling or dropping them.  The physical integrity of the crystals and their ability serve as containers of the energy can degrade through constant rattling and rough handling.

LIFE SPAN OF CHARGED CRYSTALS - The energy within these crystals will generally last far beyond the average human life span.

CLEANING AND CLEARING YOUR CRYSTALS - These crystals have been filled with a very high intensity, cohesive energy, from a far higher energetic plane than the energy of the mental, emotional,and etheric planes, which most people use to charge crystals.  Therefore, these crystals do not need to be cleaned or cleared.  If you get dust or dirt on them, you can gently wash them.

VIBRATION RENEWAL - Your energy field will shift as you use the crystals. After 3 – 12 months of use, your energy field may have shifted in such a positive way that you might no longer need to use the crystals.  It will be as if the vibration you have been using is now part of your field and consciousness.  You can request to have your crystals refreshed from a distance with a different vibrational quality. The cost of a future Vibration Renewal will be calculated and quoted at the time and will typically be considerably less than your initial purchase.  You will be informed of what you need to do on your end to enable the crystals to be refreshed with a new vibration.

Feeling the Energy in the Crystals - The crystals consistently transmit energy.  Sensitivity levels between people vary greatly.  Some people can feel the energy very strongly and some people cannot.  Different vibrational qualities will tend to be felt more or less strongly by different people.  If you get three different sets with different vibrations, you may sense some of those vibrations much more than you sense others.  An individual may feel a specific vibration very strongly sometimes and less strongly at other times.  When  your field is highly saturated with the energy of the crystals, you may not feel them as much as when your field is not highly saturated.  Life events may temporarily reduce or increase your awareness of the vibrations.  All of the above is normal.