Knowing Our Spiritual / Energetic Anatomy Workshop

Knowing Our Spiritual / Energetic Anatomy
Presented by David Winfree
Saturday Aug 15th – 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM
All Day Workshop at Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth
Limited to 10 participants due to Social Distancing Requirements
704 Airport Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48108

David will share the following from his research into the spiritual energetic anatomy of our Souls and our incarnate Personalities.  The topics addressed go far beyond any similar workshop you have ever attended.  This is a great opportunity to be in a space with like-minded people and be challenged to learn, grow, and evolve!

  • The Origin and Evolution of Souls (The Energy / Consciousness / Form Continuum)
  • The Central Ray of Light and the Fields and Chakras That Emerge
  • How The Central Ray Of Light and Chakras Emerge And Evolve
  • The 14 Major Chakras of the Personality from the Crown to the Root (front and rear)
  • Comprehending That At This Point In Our Evolution It Is Natural That We Are All Differently Evolved
  • How Our Chakras Impact Our Relationships
  • How Our Chakras Impact Our Consciousness and Perceptions (so we all perceive differently from each other)
  • Understanding People and Current Human Events Better As A Result Of This Knowledge.
  • Living Life Better From The Knowledge Received

Please read all of the following detailed information before registering.

Seating will conform to social distancing guidelines.  We will be in the large room so there will be plenty of space to spread out.  Those in the audience will be required to wear masks.  Please make sure to bring a comfortable mask / face covering, that will prevent respiratory particulate from spreading.  The speaker will not be wearing a mask (permissible within current regulations), but will be at a significant distance from audience members. There will be intermissions to stretch, go outside the building, and remove your masks.  There will be an approximately one hour lunch break.  Please provide your own lunch and beverages. There will be hand sanitizer available, but bringing a small bottle of your own would be a good idea.  Please enjoy talking with friends during the lunch and intermission, but keep social distance and wear a mask when conversing in the building.  Please use discretion and reasonable safe practices that conform with the current State of Michigan regulations when outside the building.

This event is being videotaped and audio taped for future use.  The video camera will be directed toward the speaker, not the audience.  If you speak while recording is in progress, your voice will be recorded.  Your registration is your admission that you are aware of this and is your permission for David Winfree and his assignees to use your voice, if you make comments or ask questions during the recording, for any and all uses, for sale or other distribution, in whole or in part, online and/or in any other form or media.

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Call David Winfree if you have questions ~ 734  x  353  x  0906