THEATERS OF EXPRESSIVE MIND: The Subtle Energetic Nature of Thought and Mind

Presented by David Winfree
St Pete /Clearwater Theosophical Society
Sat March 7th 2020  2:00 – 4:30 PM 
The Peace Cottage on the Campus of Unity Church of Clearwater
2465 Nursery Rd, Clearwater, Florida

This class goes deep, looking at the nature of consciousness, thought, and mind at the level of the Personality, Soul, and Spirit/Source.  It explores the underlying subtle energetics that enable our processes of mind, including our intuition, and delves into the limits, weaknesses, and confusions of mind.  It examines our capacity of discernment so that we may see clearly and avoid misunderstanding.  This class goes far in helping us to understand ourselves and others better.
• The Evolution of Expressive Mind
• The Subtle Energetic Nature of Thought and Mind
• Surface Mind / Thinking Mind / Observing Mind
• Higher Levels of Mind
• Intuition / Association / Imagination
• Avoiding Unconscious Illusions and Errors of the Mind
• Discernment / Clarity / Wisdom / Truth