Centering/Absolute Identity: This crystal vibration attunes one to the unique note of Divine Light that is the Monad or Soul. It centers one’s energy in the Central Channel or Sushumna, away from the dense, negative beliefs located in the periphery of the auric field. Many people who have used this crystal experience a sense of being complete, whole, and centered; others experience a deep and abiding awareness of being. Some people say it is like returning home.

Grace: This vibration softens one’s emotional experience of painful and traumatic situations and events so that healing can begin to take place.

Joy: The vibration of joy, light heartedness, and fun.

Diminishing Negative Beliefs: This healing crystal vibration diminishes and disintegrates limiting negative beliefs as well as their cohesive, energetic structure by up to 40-50 percent. This can assist one to move forward in life and successfully work through and dismantle one’s limiting negative beliefs.

Universal Consciousness: This vibration raises one’s consciousness to begin to have awareness of the collective shared field of consciousness of all living beings.  One begins to have a much wider and higher perspective, beyond one’s own narrow individuality.

GOD CONSCIOUSNESS: Consciousness of Divinity within you and the Divinity in all around you. This is the vibrational quality found in Ayuawasca, and what many people term as the God Molecule, known as DMT.  It intensifies the flow of life energy in the Nadis  (subtle energy channels) enhancing perception.  It tends to provide a personal and direct experience of the Divine Life within one and within all living beings than does the Universal Consciousness vibration directly above.  It is recommended that one not use more than 30 to 60 of these crystals.

Self Accommodation: This vibration helps us to honor, nurture, and care for ourselves. It aligns us with who we are, what we need, what we are here to express, and helps center us in that.

Relaxation:  This vibration helps one to relax.

Expanded Connectedness:  This powerful vibration enhances positive connectivity with beneficial people, positive opportunities, and synergistic synchronicities.

Raising Emotions to the Level of Love: This crystal vibration raises emotions and the perceptions from which they arise to the level of Love, so that the emotional activity of the Solar Plexus Chakra can begin to be perceived, felt, and interpreted through the Heart Chakra.

Discriminating Congruence: This crystal enables the correct perception of the choices, opportunities, and relationships that are congruent with one’s highest potential.

Energy/Vitality: The vibration emanating from this crystal reconnects the channels of energy psychically severed in childhood (to fit into the social mold of acceptable childhood behavior), such that it restores the natural flow of energy along its intended circuits, thereby restoring childhood-like vitality.

Divine Dynamic Ideal:  The vibration of this crystal brings the Divine, Dynamic Ideal that is being expressed as you into the foreground of your consciousness, actualizing it, so you may more fully connect with, realize, and express your Divine, Dynamic you.

Higher Self:  This vibration connects one to the Third Chakra above the Crown Chakra, the individualized expression of the Ultimate Self that manifests as the forms, patterns, experience, and knowledge of phenomenal reality. This vibration serves to stimulate one’s memory of past-life experiences and helps to bring through the latent powers, capabilities, and knowledge that developed through those experiences.

Deepening Intuition: This vibration greatly enhances and supports one’s capacity to receive information intuitively (for instance, through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairkinesence, and claircognizance), especially via one’s dominant intuitive sense. Deepening Intuition also simultaneously stimulates all other intuitive faculties, thereby expanding psychic awareness.

Opening Divine Awareness: This vibration opens the Crown Center more fully, such that the Crown Center becomes one’s dominant center of consciousness. It also enables one to connect with the higher spiritual dimensions of one’s being.

Mutually Loving and Enhancing Partnership: This healing crystal potentiates the manifestation of the life pathways which have the greatest potential for bringing one into mutually enhancing and loving relationship with a vibrationally resonant partner. This crystal can be significantly enhanced by using it in conjunction with the Stepping into Abundance vibration.